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We identified 135 blockchain startups that have closed significant initial coin offering rounds for their tokens since 2014.Are there any Indian Startups working on block chain technology.How Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain-based Startups Are Turning The Traditional Venture Capital Model. model will be blockchain startups that are.

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The Global Landscape of Blockchain Companies in Financial Services. startups go around incumbents. this landscape of blockchain-based startups that are.Bitcoin companies offer products or services related to the trading, storing, or usage of bitcoin, while blockchain-based companies develop solutions that apply blockchain technology across sectors and verticals.View detailed information and charts on all Bitcoin transactions and blocks.WINGS DAO token holders get compensated for providing forecasting and analytical services and earn reputations for providing quality services.Many of these projects have raised millions of dollars without even presenting proof of concept or even a proper whitepaper and have later failed to deliver on their promises of return on investment or even functionality.Status Status is developing a light client for the Ethereum blockchain that combines chat, money transfer and a DApp browser.Currently there are approximately 40 startups operating globally in the energy blockchain space.

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Browser companies primarily build blockchain-secured web browsers, often including microtransaction capabilities.Both well-known blockchain startups, R3 and Ripple Labs, are backed by big banks.

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Bitcoin News: German blockchain startups form a federal association.Welcome to our weekly bitcoin news recap, where we cover top headlines and stories in the world of bitcoin each week.

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Leading IT companies, Blockchain startups and financial institutions formed a consortium to focus on the development of Blockchain-based Internet of Things (IoT.The list of top crowdfunding campaigns is becoming increasingly blockchain dominated as of late. Blockchain startups make up 20% of largest crowdfunding projects.

The number of FinTech (financial technology) startups using blockchain platforms to power digital currencies, expand transaction security, and decentrali.After the launch of the blockchain angels startup tracker in late May and fast growth throughout June, we now have 967 startups listed in the tracker.Everthought Education has compiled a list of the top Australian startups disrupting industries by using Blockchain.

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Bitcoin may still be the most famous application of blockchain technology, but.To reduce chargebacks and increase margins for businesses, Coinify offers physical point-of-sale kiosks, online shopping cart integrations, and payment buttons that allow merchants and consumers to transact in cryptocurrencies.

Corporations and their venture arms, especially those in financial services, have entered the fray in large numbers, looking to blockchain and distributed ledger solutions to address pain points that include data reconciliation, clearance, and settlement, among other issues.The map is not meant to be exhaustive of companies in the space.

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Tepco backs Conjoule as the energy blockchain market begins to look a bit crowded.

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Blockchain Market Map: 135 Blockchain Startups That Have Raised Money Through ICOs.WINGS is a blockchain-based platform where Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs can be created and managed.We recently discussed why many are saying the advent of blockchain technology could be as.

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Bitcoin and blockchain startups are sprouting up in tech innovations hubs around the world—here are 10 of the best and brightest you need to know about in 2017.

IBM raises its game in blockchain with secure cloud services and Docker integration.Blockchain technology has been described as e-mail for money, but it has the potential to be so much more.Crypto enthusiasts who invested in first generation cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether, saw big payoffs.This category includes blockchain-based rewards programs, cryptocurrency point-of-sale kiosks, and merchant-directed blockchain consulting services.

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Datamation: Blockchain startups are enjoying great funding and excitement.Start-ups and corporate leaders meet for discussions and launch initiative for shared blockchain.

German blockchain startups form a federal association