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Get price, charts, news, exchanges and detailed analysis for Patientory (PTOY).Patientory, an American blockchain healthcare tech startup, has today announced the launch of its token sale.If some IT guys are interested or alreadyy investigating into this option, please drop me a mail.

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PATIENTORY is to offer many more blockchain solutions and apps that Patients can use to upload all their personal information which is securely.

Cyber security and the secure transfer of patient information.Students develop skills in patient evaluation and other emergency medical procedures.The potential of blockchain and similar technologies for this industry is incredible and Patientory is an interesting project.Everyone who worked on the case have patiently kept quiet while forwarding. often advertising “cheap coins” on the BitcoinTalk forums and wanting to trade...

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The post Patientory Announces Crowdsale for the Launch of Its Blockchain-Secured Medical Records Platform appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews.Cryptofeedme aggregates cryptocurrency news from many sources in one place.

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Our executive team and advisory board guide the Patientory mission based on years of in-depth of expertise across healthcare,.State wants to charge a fee to use your own well. by In the news Sunday, April 29. 2012. Pingback: bitcointalk() Pingback: louis vuitton iphone 6 plus case().Blockchains can help to reduce fraud, product counterfeiting, exchange of patient consent forms blinding of patients and other contractual relarionship with the parties, by reduced costs and increased speed.

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Quote from: ranggawulung on June 18, 2017, 01:33:50 PM Price PTOY getting down, dumper action YES,so sad to saw this happened. but that just start time, Be patient.

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Patientory: Blockchain-secured patient data - making healthcare personal Patientory is the leading provider of blockchain solutions for healthcare.

They determined to check their concept on 24 consecutive patients with cervical disc herniations.

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Not accepting translation after the ICO would only demonstrate that Patientory is a scam because they would have been here just for the money from the ICO.I have a signature of PATIENTORY and my status have been changed from Jr.Many people ask about this and a think few page before dev was answer it.Quote from: ranggawulung on June 18, 2017, 01:33:50 PM Price PTOY getting down, dumper action It will be dumped harder after the distribubtion. try to hold on to your ptoy and not be panic or you will sell all of your coin and regret in the future.